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Awards & Recognitions

 Community Votes

  •  Platinum in the Aromatherapy category
  •  Gold in the Beauty and Health Spas category
  •  Platinum in the Hair Extensions category
  •  Gold in the Hair Salons category
  •  Top Pick in the Holistic Wellness category
  •  Top Pick in the Home Health Care category
  •  Silver in the Manicures & Pedicures category
  •  Platinum in the Massages category
  •  Silver in the Medical Aesthetics category
  •  Top Pick in the Tanning Salons category

On location is the easiest and best way to get your hair done. They come to your house, you get to do whatever you need to do while they work (including working on your laptop!) and you end up being productive at home and having a great hairdo after! The whole team is dedicated and amazing! Can’t find childcare to get your hair done, no problem! I can’t say enough great things about this company! Everyone should use on location!
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